We Provide Expert Root Canals & Crown Restorations in southeast Portland, Oregon


Life Doesn't have to be a Pain

Root canals are an important part of the process to preserve your tooth and relieve possible pain caused by inflammation or infection of the pulp around the tooth. The only way you can find out if you need a root canal is through a professional dental exam. This is especially true because sometimes root canals are needed even when there is no pain.

After a root canal, it is important to restore the impacted tooth. The key to an effective restoration is to place a high quality crown that fits properly into the gum line and fits your existing bite. At Sunrise Dental, we take great care to make sure we get the right fit, and we take pride in doing it for a fair price. Since crowns can often exceed your annual insurance benefit, this combination of good quality and fair price is important to our patients.

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